Automotive Fuel Systems (incl. SCR)

Market dynamics, legislation, technology

The convergence of an increasingly competitive vehicle marketplace, tougher government regulations, limited supply of raw materials and more disciplined supply base management is leading the fuel system industry down a path that begs for product innovation, production and logistic efficiencies, clarification of government regulations such as for new evaporative/exhaust emissions and greenhouse gases and continued reorganization of the supply base. Some recent developments include:

  1. Changing government regulations including California’s completed LEV III, the US EPA’s Tier 3, the various stages of Europe’s Euro 6, and the December 2016 passage of China 6 legislation.
  2. Increased use of biofuels although issues continue with respect to meeting the required supply quantities at competitive fuel prices.
  3. The roll-out of a number of plug-in hybrids and turbocharged gasoline engines that are resulting in severe purge challenges for evaporative emission control canisters.
  4. Ongoing structural changes in the industry as suppliers refocus their product-lines together with potential changes in supplier ownership.
  5. The need for the use of SCR systems in order to control emissions of nitrogen oxide. Small displacement engines that operate at high load for significant amounts of time are emerging as additional candidates for SCR systems.

Keeping track of this multitude of developments is increasingly difficult. In response to needs expressed by market participants, The ITB Group is offering a two-pronged approach for highlighting developments and analyses pertaining to the automotive fuel system market. The key elements of ITB’s approach will include:

  • Web-based Portal – provides ongoing updates concerning developments in the fuel system market pertaining to government regulations, new technologies, fuels or suppliers.
  • Annual Multiclient Report – will comprise the traditional annual update of key technical and legislative developments together with an overview of the business dynamics of the fuel system supply base.

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