Automotive Fuel Systems China – Adapting to the Unique Needs of the Chinese Automotive Industry



Date: October 24 and 25, 2018

举办地点:上海宝华万豪酒店. 上海市静安区广中西路333

Venue: Marriott Shanghai Parkview. 333 Guanzhong Road (West), Jing’an District, Shanghai China



The passage of China 6, harsher fuel consumption requirements, and New Energy Vehicle (NEV) mandates require a number of fuel system design changes:

  • 国六蒸发排放要求将使得中国目前的蒸发排放控制系统在两日排放和车载加油排放控制系统方面均有较大的提升。
  • China 6 evaporative emission requirements will result in considerable upgrades to current Chinese evaporative emission control systems for both two-day diurnal emission and on-board refueling emission control.
  • 以满足严苛的油耗限制带来的动力总成设计变更会简化碳罐净化过程;燃油系统设计者需要开发改进策略以满足排气和蒸发排放要求。
  • Changes to powertrain designs so as to meet harsher fuel consumption limits will result in reduced canister purge; fuel system designers will need to develop modified strategies for meeting both exhaust and evaporative emissions.
  • 中国目前的轻型柴油车市场不大。主机厂正在开发未来能与国六相符的小众汽车,并需要应用SCR系统。
  • China has a small light-duty diesel market.  OEMs are developing future China 6-compliant niche vehicles that will require the use of SCR systems.
  • 中国积极推行新能源车型。该类车型包括纯电动车、燃料电池以及插电混动车型(PHEVs),而插电混动车型对蒸发排放法规提出了新的挑战。
  • China has a strategy for the aggressive implementation of NEVs.  Such vehicles include pure electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs).  PHEVs pose unique challenges to the development of suitable government regulations for evaporative and exhaust emission control.



As a result of these developments, The ITB Group has expanded its annual Fuel Systems China conference to a two-day format:

  • 第一日 – 国六-汽车燃油和SCR系统解决方案
  • 第二日- PHEVs- 汽车燃油系统的新挑战
  • Day 1 – China 6 – Automotive Fuel and SCR System Solutions
  • Day 2 – PHEVs – Unique Challenges for Automotive Fuel Systems



This newly formatted conference is a must-attend event for suppliers, technology providers, OEMs, and government officials involved in emissions reduction, regulations, and the design, engineering, manufacturing, and development of fuel and SCR system components.  The conference will include simultaneous Chinese/English and English/Chinese Translations.



We expect the 2018 event to have approximately 350 participants including a broad network of OEM contacts from both joint venture and domestic Chinese OEMs. Click the links on the right for complete details. For questions please contact:

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