Carbon Dioxide and Fuel Economy Regulation Services

How Carbon Dioxide and Fuel Economy Regulations Are Driving Vehicle Efficiency Technology Commercialization

CO2 and greenhouse gas regulations are expected to be refined and tightened for the foreseeable future. Recently the United States NHTSA raised penalties for failing to meet fuel economy standards by 150%. The ITB Group is launching a new set of services to track fuel economy and CO2 regulation changes, summarize the impact of standards, and provide proprietary analysis. These services result from ITB’s years of experience with greenhouse gas reduction technologies. A particular focus is placed on regulation regimes, penalties and credits. The services help clients understand the value of technologies for complying with regulatory standards and identify business opportunities.

Regulations are driving the uptake of specific vehicle efficiency technologies. Technology credits can have high value for auto manufacturers, but value varies in different global regions. Key elements of ITB’s web portal approach are summaries and syntheses of CO2 and fuel economy regulation regimes, impacts and upcoming regulatory changes. The web portal will track regulatory changes and impact over a two year period.

ITB_CO2 Regulations_Prospectus-1CO2 Web Portal Content Highlights

  • Regulation structures (on cycle, off cycle)
  • Regulatory differences between regions
  • Regulatory changes
  • Penalties and credit valuation
  • Credit approval processes
  • Credit examples and implications (OEM specific)
  • Credit projections
  • OEM technology implementation priorities



The web portal content has important implications for companies’ business and technology strategies. This includes OEM specifics on the need for and usage of CO2 and fuel economy credits and implications for vehicle technologies. Advanced technologies are being deployed differently in global markets and by OEMs at different rates depending on CO2 emissions reduction needs and strategies. Changes in testing procedures and credit structures change the value of and need for CO2 reduction technologies. Insights from the web portal allow ITB clients to better understand what the regulations mean for specific businesses and technologies.

Optional Individualized Business Analyses

To complement the synthesis found in the web portal, The ITB Group also offers individualized analyses of what CO2 regulations mean for specific businesses. There are many technological alternatives and OEMs are currently deploying technologies at different rates and vary by market region. The ITB Group can assess specific technologies and business strategies in light of industry dynamics and customer priorities. Companies can realize value for their customers by helping reduce regulatory risk.

An ITB Director can explain the CO2 and fuel economy regulations services in an on-site presentation. For further information please contact The ITB Group.

CO2 Scope Chart

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