Electrified Vehicle Thermal Management and Engine Air/Cooling Systems 2019 – Call for Speakers

Opportunities to Present - Share Your Ideas/Technologies with Industry Experts

Technical presentations are now being solicited for The ITB Group’s Electrified Vehicle Thermal Management and Engine Air/Cooling Systems 2019 conference. Plan now to present and take part in this important event which provides a forum for considering issues facing the global automotive industry.  The conference provides excellent exposure and networking opportunities with participants from throughout the value chain from regulators to key suppliers and OEMs. Leverage the opportunity to deliver your message to targeted experts and gain valuable exposure to current and potential customers.

Proposed Conference Topics Include:

Day 1 – June 13, 2019

  • Component advancements for reducing thermal losses and variability
  • Global regulatory changes
  • Improvements in vehicle thermal control systems and mechatronics
  • Innovations for electrified vehicle thermal management
    • Electrical Energy Storage and Charging Systems
    • Electric Machines
    • Power Electronics
  • Advancements in thermal energy recovery and storage
  • Materials developments to improve or inhibit heat transfer


Day 2 – June 14, 2019

  • Engine air induction system developments – key overall design drivers and packaging of components
  • Air induction component developments: intake manifolds, throttle bodies, mass airflow sensing, ducts, filters
  • Turbocharging, supercharging, e-turbos, charge air cooling
  • Exhaust gas recirculation (low and high pressure systems)
  • Engine cooling system developments including smart systems (variable speed pumps, electronic thermostats and advanced thermal control components)
  • Materials for air induction, cooling and EGR systems


Submit an Abstract

Abstracts for proposed presentations are currently being solicited and should be submitted by April 18, 2019. Click the link on the right to submit an abstract or contact:

Mr. Bryan Eldredge, Program Manager, The ITB Group
Email: beldredge@itbgroup.com


Abstracts – Proposed abstracts should include the following:

  • Presentation title
  • Speaker name and job title
  • A short paragraph (three or four sentences) describing the proposed presentation


Presentations – If accepted into the program agenda, presentations:

  • Will be approximately 25 minutes in length
  • In PowerPoint format

Please note that there are no fees to present and no written papers are required. Subsequent to the conference, electronic copies of the presentations will be available to conference attendees when provided permission from the speaker.


Note: ITB will photograph the conference for promotional purposes. By participating in the conference you grant ITB permission to use your likeness in any/all conference related promotions.

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