Press Releases


PHEV Potential in China: An Overlooked Opportunity



The ITB Group’s Vehicle Efficiency Practice Releases its Report on Thermal Management Advancements for Electrified Vehicles



The ITB Group Assesses Technical and Market Opportunities for Intelligent Aerodynamics

The ITB Group Releases Its Report on Powertrain Fluid Control

India’s Automotive Industry Benefits from ITB Helping to Spread the Knowledge-Base



The ITB Group Paves The Path In Its Upcoming Report “Intelligent Aerodynamics”

The ITB Group Successfully Expands Its Practice and Conference Stronghold in India

Automotive Conference Series Aims to Answer Questions Regarding Design, Material, Process, and Regulatory Developments in Order to Capture Value within the Chinese Market

Going Beyond Decoration at the Premier of the Smart Automotive Surfaces Conference

New Report Evaluates Influencing Industry Factors within Automotive Fuel Systems

New Report Evaluates Competing Thermal Management Advances That Improve Future Vehicle Fuel Economy, CO2 Emissions, and Passenger Comfort

Systematic Innovation Workshop Offers Automotive Engineers And Technical Professionals Structured Sessions To Generate High-Value Product Development Solutions



ITB Remains at the Forefront of Technical and Market Developments in Automotive Fuel Systems



Automotive Air Induction, Cooling and EGR Systems Enable Vehicles to Meet Tough Carbon Dioxide Limits

Automotive Fuel Systems Challenge Thermoplastic Materials

The Costs of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles: Opportunities in Component Development



Technical Community Presents Next-Generation Interiors at Automotive Cockpit and Interior Systems Events Organized by The ITB Group

The ITB Group and Flo-Link Form Pyxidus LLC to Monitor Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Performance

Integrated Center Stacks: Center of the Universe for Automotive Interiors