Smart Automotive Surfaces 2019

Date: October 9 and 10, 2019

Venue: Laurel Manor. 39000 Schoolcraft Rd., Livonia, MI 48150


The only automotive conference focused solely on functionalizing vehicle interior and exterior surfaces, ITB’s technical event creates a unique platform for the introduction of new technologies impacting components, feature integration, materials, design, trends and developments in this rapidly changing landscape. Smart vehicle surface technology combines material, process, and function in unforeseen ways.  It requires high risk and investment for OEMs and suppliers to adopt, but offers high reward in interior or exterior vehicle appeal and brand differentiation.

Established companies and startups alike have recently pushed innovation ever higher to match the pace of change in other sectors.  Smart surfaces can provide long term cost reductions, styling and craftsmanship wins, ergonomic improvements, component/function integration, and new features to the consumer.

Plan now to participate in ITB’s 2019 event and support the conference with a presentation, sponsorship and/or exhibit. Leverage the breadth and depth of our conference and connect with industry experts leading the way in new technologies and developments. Click the links on the right for complete conference details and please contact Mr. Bryan Eldredge, Program Manager, The ITB Group if you have any questions.

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To view the details from our 2018 conference, including the program agenda and post-event metrics, click the link below.

Smart Automotive Surfaces 2018

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Darren Nowak
Project Manager - The ITB Group

Darren Nowak

Mr. Nowak joined the ITB Group in 2007 and currently holds a Project Manager position. He is primarily responsible for direct interface with industry participants and building complex business models to facilitate ITB’s mission to assess automotive business and technology change. He has supported and been the lead investigator in many projects involved in interiors, exterior, and under the hood, and most recently has concentrated on plastic / electronic integration. Mr. Nowak has 25 years’ experience in automotive, off road and heavy truck applications, including application and standards engineering roles at Eaton Corporation. He is a graduate of the University of Detroit with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with concentration in International Relations.