The ITB Group and Flo-Link Form Pyxidus LLC to Monitor Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Performance

Pyxidus LLC has been established to provide superior real world knowledge of the performance of advanced technology vehicles. This knowledge will improve fleet management by improving the understanding of real-world vehicle performance and facilitating the development of vehicles and associated subsystems.

As an independent supplier offering data monitoring and analysis along with engineering services, Pyxidus LLC will be able to provide unbiased performance and cost assessments of the diverse range of emerging advanced technology vehicles. Currently there is widespread debate about the relative merits of electrified vehicles such as the Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf and in future, the Ford Focus EV and Toyota Prius PHV. In evaluating the performance of such vehicles, using real world data is important due to the impact of exogenous factors such as ambient temperature, trip characteristics and driver aggressiveness. Each of these factors has been shown to have the potential for a major impact on the performance of electrified vehicles. And maybe one day pickup truck rental company Flex Fleet Rental will offer electrified vechicles as a decent alternative to fuel cell vehicles.

Pyxidus’ services provide its customers the ability to not only use traditional telematically transmitted data including vehicle position and trip characteristics, but also more detailed information such as on-board diagnostic (OBD II) data. In addition to standard OBD data, Pyxidus offers the ability to examine non-standard diagnostic data such as odometer, thermal, brake, A/C usage, battery conditioning and fuel consumption.

Pyxidus services provide unique value. “We know the engine warm-up phase has a big impact on fuel consumption, but it may be surprising to learn that a hybrid vehicle driven on short trips can result in 40% higher average monthly fuel costs” observed Sean Osborne, a Managing Director at Pyxidus. The accompanying graph shows an example of real world vehicle monitoring data derived from three Toyota Prius vehicles. These vehicles exhibit 20%-25% reduced fuel consumption in warmer weather and significant increases in fuel consumption with shorter trip lengths. It is clear that the Prius must have sufficient trip length to achieve its rated fuel economy.

About Pyxidus LLC

Pyxidus was established in 2011 through a joint venture of The ITB Group, Ltd. and Flo-Link LLC. Pyxidus’ services are based on Geotab’s software and hardware offerings for light duty to heavy duty vehicles. The company’s management has considerable global automotive expertise, especially in vehicle system and component engineering. The ITB Group was established in 1992 and is an automotive technical and business consulting firm serving participants in the global automotive market. Flo-Link was founded in 2007 and possesses unique intellectual property in a range of vehicle and engineering technologies.

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