Systematic Innovation Workshop Offers Automotive Engineers And Technical Professionals Structured Sessions To Generate High-Value Product Development Solutions

Today, an organization’s growth and future success is dependent upon its ability to innovate and adapt to changing market trends and competitive situations. But innovation does not solely come from one person guiding the organization. Innovation comes from individual employees that develop innovative and clever solutions to engineering, manufacturing and customer problems each day in the workplace.

Most engineers and technical professionals receive an education that develops strong technical and analytical capabilities, but which teaches them very little about recognizing opportunities, stating problems, and developing great concepts that address those opportunities. ITB and IIA will provide participants this acumen in a half-day Systematic Innovation Workshop.

This workshop will offer a series of tools and a structured process to unleash the innovative elements of an organization and its employees. In addition to participating in several hands-on exercises designed to help frame the need for and value of a structured approach to innovation, the workshop will introduce participants to numerous systematic innovation tools that can give an organization the ability to routinely generate high-value solutions.

Attendee benefits will include, but are not limited to:

  • Learning three key innovation tools that can be used to improve innovative approaches to problem solving in their workplace. Also, gaining awareness of approximately 20 systematic innovation techniques designed to allow an organization to quickly and routinely generate high value concepts.
  • Management will gain a play book and a basis for a structured plan to establish an “innovation culture” for their organization.
  • Attendees will be able to plan and implement a “how to” formula to create an innovation technology road map.
  • Management attendees will recognize the importance of having a structured process for problem definition, development of an innovation strategy, and concept generation.

The event is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, May 19, 2015 from 1pm to 5pm at the Sheraton Detroit Novi Hotel in Novi, Michigan. A networking cocktail reception is scheduled shortly after.

Registration details can be found at the following URL:

ITB and IIA also offer customized, standalone workshops for executive groups to overcome hurdles and foster an innovative culture. These can be arranged by emailing the ITB Group directly.

About Innovation in Action:
Innovation in Action consists of a highly effective team of business executives and academic experts whose passion is the art of innovation. They deliver cutting edge innovation training and workshops for customers who wish to turbocharge their innovation culture and its effectiveness. IIA uses a series of structured systematic Innovation tools and processes to tackle complex business and engineering challenges of today’s environment. IIA works with companies to customize a fully developed training program that will efficiently utilize participants’ time with specific innovation learning modules. Their unique innovation tools and methodologies are targeted to directly apply to organizations’ product development processes and marketing challenges.

About The ITB Group:
The ITB Group, Ltd. Is an international automotive technical/business consulting firm headquartered in Novi, Michigan, USA. It provides technical and business advice to OEMs, component and material suppliers in North America, Europe, and Asia. The company is a leading expert in the use of polymer materials for automotive applications including under-the-hood, interior, and exterior applications. The firm further provides guidance for various forms of supplier transactions.

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