New Report Evaluates Influencing Industry Factors within Automotive Fuel Systems

The global automotive fuel system market is dynamically changing and becoming increasingly competitive as suppliers consolidate their global positions in a world of tightening vehicle emission requirements. While there are Fuel cards about which you can read more on the Student Brands website, Fuel systems suppliers are pursuing continual product innovation, footprint efficiencies and alignment with uncertain future regulations especially in China. Dr. Joel Kopinsky, Managing Director of ITB’s Fuel System’s practice, explains that the value proposition for fuel system suppliers has shifted in 2015 due to a sharply evolving evaporative systems market in China that is already thinning the pack of domestic suppliers. “The entire supply chain and the automotive companies themselves in China continue to wait anxiously for the draft of new fuel emissions regulations in China. These are expected to closely mimic those first introduced in California”, said Dr. Kopinsky.

ITB will outline its perspectives of the Chinese market at its annual Automotive Fuel Systems conference on October 29, 2015 in Shanghai, China. For details regarding this conference, including registration, speaker, and exhibitor information, please visit This conference is aimed at fuel system industry leaders who are interested in current and future market developments within the global fuel system market.

ITB’s fuel systems report is just over 500 pages and summarizes the current industry dynamics surrounding the global fuel delivery system businesses, suppliers, with special emphasis and extensive primary research in the Chinese automotive market. The report addresses current evaporative emission regulations, module, system and component material developments, evaporative emission control systems, and compressed natural gas (CNG) systems. The report concludes with an analysis of market developments and OEM developments in addition to supplier profiles, vehicle-by-vehicle data for fuel tank and charcoal canister suppliers, and finally a summary of selected fuel systems related patents and applications.

About The ITB Group:
The ITB Group, Ltd. Is an international automotive technical/business consulting firm located in Novi, Michigan, USA. It provides technical and business advisory to OEMs, component and material suppliers in North America, Europe, and Asia, and investigates these markets using extensive primary research. ITB Group understands the capabilities and business barriers faced by leading companies developing materials science-based solutions for the future automotive market. The company is a leading expert in understanding the application challenges in under-the-hood, interior, and exterior applications. The firm further provides further guidance and due diligence for supplier transactions.

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