Automotive Conference Series Aims to Answer Questions Regarding Design, Material, Process, and Regulatory Developments in Order to Capture Value within the Chinese Market

The constantly evolving automotive market is always ready to release the newest product innovation and communicate research to the automotive world. That is the goal of this year’s conference series hosted by The ITB Group: to host a conference series that will simplify and communicate market and industry developments. This enriching three-day conference series event from October 27-29th, 2015 in Shanghai, China, will have three independent automotive conferences held back-to-back: (1) Automotive Interiors China, (2) Plastic Engine Parts China, and (3) Automotive Fuel Systems China. Since development strategies vary from region to region, attendees will be able to benefit by having a strictly focused conference series on the interior, plastic engine parts, and fuel systems that relate to current Chinese market dynamics.

Opening day of the conference series will focus exclusively on the Automotive Interiors market in China. By going beyond decoration at this event, global industry leaders will be able to address current developments within cockpits, center-stacks, seats, doors, and acoustics. This has an ultimate goal of prompting an idea incubator for attendees on how they can add value to their own interior designs by functionalizing surfaces, developing new materials or with process innovations.

The second part of the series after Automotive Interiors China will be Plastic Engine Parts China. In contrast to the interiors conference, Plastic Engine Parts will focus on the innovations and trends that are shaping under-the-hood components. These innovations can vary from the smallest parts within lubrication to the entire air induction system. These innovations have come about as a result of significant thermoplastic material and molding process developments, which has greatly benefited the automotive industry.

The third and final day of the conference series will concentrate on The ITB Group’s most popular conference event: Automotive Fuel Systems. This sold-out event is in its ninth year and will bring in industry leaders and researchers to address debated issues within Chinese regulations and components that encompass the fuel system in its entirety. Based on The ITB Group’s 2015 multi-client report on fuel systems, the group will also outline to attendees their perspectives based on extensive primary research in China.

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