The ITB Group Releases Its Report on Powertrain Fluid Control

The ITB Group released its newest report, “Evolution Versus Revolution in Powertrain Fluid Control” in May 2016. This 538 page report includes an evaluation of market and technical developments in pumps and valves for coolant and lubricating fluids. It also addresses the complexities and implications of regulatory cycles, credits, and real-world emissions driving powertrain fluid control changes.

Automotive powertrain hydraulic system pumps and valves are critical for conventional and electrified vehicles. Oil and coolant circuits are being stratified to provide more precise control of flow, pressure, and temperature. This report outlines state-of-the-art flow control architectures. Fluid control is integral to improving efficiency, reducing powertrain warm-up time, and enabling new technologies (e.g. coasting/sailing and heat recovery). Opportunities as well as technical and organizational barriers associated with these technology shifts are explored.

The market for fluid control technologies is advancing rapidly as powertrains improve. For example, 6 of the 28 Automotive News Pace Award finalists in 2016 involved fluid control. Electrically actuated pumps and valves are being developed, but simultaneously more evolutionary mechanical innovations are being applied due to their high value. There are significant synergies between pumps and valves, and improvements in one area may affect the other.

According to Sean Osborne, Director at The ITB Group, “With the fast-changing powertrain market, it is important to keep up with the pump and valve changes. Through our research and direct interviews with suppliers and OEMs, we were able to get a detailed understanding of current and future changes impacting value chain participants.”

Within The ITB Group’s report, the market volume of 28 applications are estimated for 2016 and 2020 and segment growth rates are projected to range from 5% to over 30%. A patent application assessment highlights who is innovating in pump and valve technologies.

An ITB Director can provide an on-site presentation of the Executive Summary. If interested in a presentation or the website portal, please contact The ITB Group directly.

The ITB Group will also have exhibits at the following upcoming conferences:

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  • Fuel and Urea Systems – Cars, Trucks and Two-Wheelers, December 8, Pune, India

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