PHEV Potential in China: An Overlooked Opportunity

Globally, the automotive industry is in a state of flux and is looking to a horizon of autonomous vehicles and powertrain electrification. Increasing industry regulations on emissions and powertrain strategies are pushing the Chinese automotive industry towards an unknown. How will vehicles develop with tougher regulations such as China 6 and new energy vehicle requirements? What changes must occur to the fuel system as a result of tougher emission requirements and changes to powertrain technologies? Through upcoming conferences and targeted research, The ITB Group will identify the real trends that drive the path to fluid system innovation.

Significant updates in Chinese regulations take effect in April 2018. A certain percentage of new energy vehicle (NEVs) credits in production for each OEM; essentially mandating an increase in NEVs. This follows an ambitious move in September 2017 whereby the Minister of Industry and Information Technology of China announced a desire to ban traditional energy vehicle sales in China.

Rapid growth of electrification in China drives the desire to understand future system and material opportunities in ICE and PHEV powertrains. The ITB Group will identify strategic needs in ICE-based vehicles and also PHEVs in its 2018 expanded report coverage of Automotive Fluid Systems. The report contains a thorough review of the major fuel and thermal system opportunities based on primary research and secondary analysis.

Responding to these needs, The ITB Group has expanded the scope of its annual Shanghai fuel system conference by offering a new day entirely on PHEV developments. For over ten years in China, this conference series has been a primary business and technical forum. There were over 350 attendees in 2017 represented by OEMs such as BAIC, FOTON, BYD, Changan, Chery, Dongfeng Nissan, FAW, Geely, Great Wall, JAC, SAIC, and many more. This diverse and extensive range of OEMs, focused uniquely on fuel systems, set the stage for the next-generation projects to proceed swiftly.

The challenge of responding to upcoming regulations and product trends can be an immense challenge. Through the Fluid Systems report and the Fuel Systems conference, The ITB Group aims to help clients and conference attendees know what directions to pursue for product development.


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