Automotive Energy Storage Systems China 2020 – Call for Speakers


The program agenda for The ITB Group’s leading Automotive Energy Storage Systems China 2020 conference (formerly fuel systems) is now being developed. The conference will now be organized along similar lines to the USA conference.  Although still largely traditional fuel systems, the conference will also include electrified vehicle energy systems and those on fuel cell vehicles.  Key energy storage and fluid delivery technologies for fuel tanks, high voltage batteries especially housings and hydrogen tanks will be highlighted.

Plan now to present and position your company in front of global experts and decision makers. Take advantage of excellent face-to-face networking opportunities, connect with customers, and use your presentation to jump-start business development discussions and meetings.

Proposed presentation topics include but are not limited to:

Traditional fuel systems:

  • Evolution of fuel systems due to changes in government regulations for evaporative, exhaust and greenhouse gases
  • Developments in fuel tanks, especially for hybrid electric vehicles including plug-in hybrid and range extender vehicles
  • Fuel line, hose, quick connector and pump module developments
  • Vapor management including pressurized systems and improved canister purge
  • Increased opportunities for the use of electronic control for fuel storage and delivery on-board the vehicle

Alternative energy systems and improving energy use efficiency:

  • Water injection systems including storage and delivery for improving gasoline engine performance
  • Comparisons of different energy storage systems including fossil fuels (liquid, LPG and CNG), biofuels, electricity and hydrogen
  • Developments in diesel storage systems including the use of SCR technology for the reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions
  • Developments in traction battery housings
  • Developments in fuel cell vehicles and on-board hydrogen storage

Submit an Abstract

Abstracts for proposed presentations are currently being solicited and should be submitted by August 3, 2020. Click HERE to submit an abstract or contact:

Mr. Bryan Eldredge, Program Manager, The ITB Group

Abstracts – Proposed abstracts should include the following:

  • Presentation title in Chinese and English
  • Speaker name and job title
  • A short paragraph (three or four sentences) describing the proposed presentation

By submitting a presentation abstract, the presenting company, if accepted into the program agenda, acknowledges and agrees to the following conditions:

  • Presentations will be approximately 25 minutes in length and in PowerPoint format
  • Each Slide must include Chinese (large font) and English (small font) text
  • There are no fees to present and no written papers required. However, electronic copies of the presentations (secured PDFs) will be made available to conference attendees when provided permission from the speaker. Distribution copies of your presentation must be provided to ITB no later than two week prior to the conference date
  • ITB allows one speaker per presentation to attend the conference free of charge. Co-presenters and others wishing to attend the conference must register for the conference and registration fees will apply
  • Presenters are not permitted to show sample parts or components during their presentation or in/around the conference function areas unless their company has procured an exhibit booth through The ITB Group. Exhibit options and pricing can be found HERE.
  • If an accepted speaker can no longer participate in our event, the presenting company will appoint a qualified replacement speaker no later than 48 hours prior to the conference
  • Presentations can be presented in either Chinese or English. Simultaneous Chinese/English, English/Chinese translation will be provided

Note: ITB will photograph the conference for promotional purposes. By participating in the conference you grant ITB permission to use your likeness in any/all conference related promotions.

Please contact The ITB Group if you have any questions:

Mr. Bryan Eldredge, Senior Program Manager, The ITB Group

Tel: +1 (248) 380-6310 • Email:


Ms. Diana Ma, Business Coordinator – China, The ITB Group

Tel: +86 182-0611-8266 • Email:

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