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Fluid Management Systems are Strategically Important for EV Manufacturers

February 16, 2022

Ford’s Electric Vehicle development shift highlights the importance of fluid management systems for future EV designs.  Changing thermal/fluid system designs are an important part of improving range, charging speed, and passenger comfort as well as reducing mass on the order of 2kg or more and supporting EV cost reductions on the order of $1000.  Furthermore, Ford realizes that it can’t wait for a minor platform refresh date, they must “reengineer the vehicle now” as a running change, as explained by Ford’s CEO Jim Farley.

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Fluid Control and Conveyance Changes as Vehicles Are Electrified


Electrified vehicles have significant coolant, refrigerant, and oil system content.  ITB estimates that fluid system market growth will be in the 5-10% range over the next ten years, but individual component sub-segment growth may range from -20% to +20%.  Fluid content and growth rates can vary greatly from one OEM to another as well as […]

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Priorities of Intelligent Cabin Design: User Experience First


When ITB asked OEM Great Wall about improvements in interior ergonomics, Great Wall informed us that the term ergonomics is somewhat outdated. Now, the industry is talking about the experience. “Ergonomics focuses on human comfort, and human comfort is a part of the user experience. Experience may have a more spiritual entertainment (fun) added to the list. […]

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BEV Thermal System Integration Challenges


Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) have higher thermal system content than conventional vehicles; engine and transmission thermal systems are eliminated but thermal systems for the electric drive system, battery, cabin conditioning, and waste heat recovery are introduced. The thermal system for a BEV may exceed $1400 of content. Drive and thermal systems are being integrated to […]

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Implications of Fast Charging on BEV Battery Thermal Management


Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) charging time is a critical concern for driving long distances.  DC fast charging is an important factor for raising vehicle value and increasing BEV market potential.  For this reason, infrastructure, vehicles, and batteries are being designed to achieve shorter charge times.  One industry objective is the ability to charge vehicles in […]

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Adoption of Higher Value BEV Cabin Thermal Management Solutions


Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) use energy differently, conditioning the cabin accounts for a large portion of energy consumption.  A baseline BEV may use half of its energy consumption to condition the cabin for city driving in cold ambient temperature reducing range by 50%, as shown below.  In practice, improving BEV cabin heating holds more opportunities […]

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Interior Strategies in Battery Electric Vehicles


Source: The ITB Group, Ltd. Automotive HMI product developers are seeking to improve consumer experiences in screens, voice interactions, and touch. For these designers, the automotive HMI benchmark is Apple and remains a clear target. The leading group of today’s BEV buyers are the young generations that have been greatly influenced by Apple products. Therefore, for […]

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The ITB Group & JFB Consulting Combine Skills to Form a Partnership in Automotive Consulting

APRIL 12TH, 2021

The ITB Group – the U.S. specialist in business and technical automotive research and consulting, and JFB Consulting – the French mobility expert, entered into a strategic partnership offering comprehensive high-level expertise for the global automotive industry. With an annual global production of 100M vehicles, and a turnover of $1.5T for 56M direct and indirect […]

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What’s Happening at ITB in 2021?


In addition to ITB’s consulting and start-up services in automotive, numerous other activities are planned for 2021. Four new industry-funded reports have been announced. Technical conferences will continue to address diverse issues in the industry. Webinars will provide insights into key research topics and highlight the scopes of ITB’s reports. We welcome the opportunity to […]

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Energy Storage Systems Discussions in Shanghai


Given the well-controlled viral situation in China and its rapidly rebounding automotive market, The ITB Group recently held its 14th leading Automotive Energy Storage Systems China (formerly Automotive Fuel Systems) conference as a face-to-face on-site event in Shanghai. This premier event attracted 175 automotive professionals (approximately 37% from OEMs) who assembled to discuss paramount topics […]Tags: China, Fuel Systems

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