Developments in Thermal Management and Plastic Powertrain Components – Sponsor Showcase: W.L. Gore & Associates


Dynamic seals made with our new GORE® Low Friction Film enable lower torque and smaller packaging, for more cost-competitive, energy-efficient components. Seals with our Film deliver the best of both worlds: all the elasticity and sealability of elastomer with the added benefits of lower friction and lower wear, thanks to our durable graphite-filled ePTFE membrane.  This highly-conformable membrane creates a strong and permanent mechanical bond with the elastomer’s sealing surface, for longer seal life. If you want to improve fuel economy, EV range or component reliability…or reduce component complexity, size, power consumption or cost, dynamic seals with GORE® Low Friction Film can give you the competitive edge you need.

Gore provides solutions that protect against damaging pressure imbalances, contaminants and condensation in various automotive applications including lithium-ion and start-stop lead acid batteries, fuel cell vehicles, under-hood enclosures, and exterior lighting components. We understand the industry’s stringent requirements for reliable performance. For more than 30 years, W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. has applied its material science expertise to solve challenges in the worldwide automotive industry. With a commitment to innovation and global technical capability, Gore continues to explore and develop solutions for improving performance in future generation vehicles.

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