Developments in Thermal Management and Plastic Powertrain Components – Sponsor Showcase: ZEON Chemicals


ZEON is the world’s leading producer of heat and oil resistant synthetic rubber.  Nipol® NBR is broadly utilized in fuel hose constructions and clean air intake ducts.  For more demanding applications, Hydrin® ECO combines excellent fuel and oil resistance with increased heat resistance (135°C) and superior (< -40°C) low temperature performance.  ZEON’s HT-ACM elastomers enable cost-effective Turbo Hose constructions for both hot-side (turbo outlet) and cold-side (innercooler outlet) applications.  HyTemp HT-ACM outperforms AEM elastomers in both sustained heat resistance (to 175°C) and performance at service temperature.

Contact: Patrick Herman, Automotive Market Manager



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