Reducing exhaust and evaporative fuel pollution

Government regulated emissions are one of the key drivers to change in the automotive market.  This influences material selection, process and design changes in many automotive components and systems.  It hales innovation at many levels:

  • In body-in-white and every application to lower mass
  • Fuel system design, component connection philosophy and packaging
  • Powertrain and exhaust system strategies
  • Vehicle interior VOC content

Fuel systems and its evolution has been a key cornerstone of ITB’s consulting activities.  This business unit has been complimented by the first and the most inclusive technical conference organized by The ITB Group for the past 18 years in Michigan   ITB’s name has been synonymous with:

  • Decoding and simplifying emission regulations and assessing the impact on specific component designs, material and process selections
  • Providing a technology road map for:
    • Enabling component technologies
    • Manufacturing and assembly processes
    • Tradeoffs between meeting regional emission levels and developing common components for global vehicles
  • Performing Technology due diligence on licensing and acquisition candidates
  • ITB’s analysis related to mass reduction provided a process for determining the comparative economic value of mass reduction

Emission Process