Insights into Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems and Autonomous Vehicles

ADAS/AV Participants Database, Daily News, Patent Activity, and Topical Reports Portal

It is difficult to keep track of who is doing what and where in the world of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicles (AVs). This new service offering from The ITB Group is designed to help OEMs, suppliers, and other industry participants including investors understand the fast changing supplier and technology world of AV and ADAS.

The ITB Group’s Portal to ADAS/AV comprises four modules:

  1. Profiles of ADAS and AV Participants: fully searchable electronic database containing detailed profiles of over 400 companies active in ADAS/AV universe, including:
    • Tier-One integrators
    • Hardware manufacturers: semiconductors, ECUs, radomes, optical components
    • Electronics assemblers: cameras, radar, lidar, antennas, lighting electronics, ethernet modules
    • Software providers: ADAS, AV, computer vision, sensor fusion, driver monitoring, V2X
    • Service providers: digital mapping, image processing, validation, simulation, road intelligence, fleet management
  2. Daily News: daily update of developments relevant to assisted- and automated-driving, to keep market participants and new entrants aware of the latest technical and commercial changes
  3. Patent activity: up-to-date listing of key patent activity related to ADAS and AV
  4. Topical Reports: quarterly, ITB will publish a succession of in-depth technical and business analysis reports, designed to help industry participants navigate the evolving reality of ADAS/AV. These publications will cover topics ranging from technological aspects to the business environment, such as:
    • Supply base analysis
    • Sensors (cameras, radar, lidar), their integration, and relative material requirements
    • Antennas: types and how the emerging needs of ADAS and AV are being met
    • The world of autonomous vehicles:
      • OEMs active in AV: established and new
      • AV organizations and consortia
      • AV regulations by region
    • Additional specific topics can be requested by service subscribers
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