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New Mobility and Information Management

From Lighting to Cameras to Sensors and Antennas

The ITB Group has analyzed the evolution of vehicles moving towards Connectivity, Autonomy, Sharedness, and Electrification (CASE). These trends are expected to be implemented in rapid succession by OEMs worldwide and are also collectively known as “New Mobility.” This new report expands upon our previous endeavors in this area by investigating the Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) and its crucial enablers: the functions of vision, sensing, and communication. Particular attention is paid to the evolution of components performing these functions (lighting, cameras, sensors, and antennas), their integration into the vehicle, and the selection of materials which enable such integration. The ITB Group identified the market’s disruptive technologies and regulatory constraints, as well as its current size and growth potential.

Key points of the research include:

  • Upcoming changes in lighting function
  • Market penetration of sensors and cameras; both inside and outside the cockpit
  • Opportunities for integration and its impact on material selections and processes
  • Data transmission between on-board systems and the outside world
  • Regulatory constraints pertaining to vision, sensing, and communication functions, and their foreseen evolution
  • Market dynamics between OEMs, established Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, and startups
  • Technology roadmaps and perceived strategies for leading market participants

The ITB Group offers a dynamic two-pronged approach for highlighting developments and analyses pertaining to the automotive vision, sensing, and communication market. The key elements of ITB’s approach include:

  • Web-based Portal – provides ongoing updates concerning developments in the vision, sensing, and communication market pertaining to styling, government regulations, new technologies or suppliers
  • Industry-Funded Report – update of key technical, legislative, and market developments together with an overview of the business dynamics of the vision, sensing, and communication supply base

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