Electronics, materials and design for consumers

Interio-Tronics is a name coined by ITB.  It crystallizes the intersection or merger between interior trim and electronics used in the automotive interior.   A merger ITB has been forecasting and facilitating for many years.   Since its inception in 1992, The ITB Group, Ltd. has focused on developments in automotive interiors.  This encompasses several elements:

  • Current materials and what is expected to be required in the future
  • Molding and decorating processes and how these are optimized
  • How the interior business and the design moved from components to modules and the subsequent businesses that were built around this shift.  ITB was instrumental in some of these developments
  • The changes that took place and continue to take place in the supply chain
  • And now electronics and the question of how and to what extent integration will take place?
  • The old or new suppliers? Who will get what piece of the pie?
  • How do the OEMs respond to the changes in consumers needs for integrating personal electronics and creating the necessary interfaces is the key topic for interiors
  • Mass reduction has also found its way into this world and we continue our work and assessment of the technologies such as core-back molding and its future potential and sustainability in automotive interiors