Materials & Processes

Matching materials & processes to market needs

A deep rooted understanding of material characteristics (plastics, composites and metals) and process knowledge has been the common thread among the various practice silos at ITB.  Grounded in ITB’s Founder’s educational backgrounds in chemical and plastics engineering, a solid base has been created for:

  • Providing a technology roadmap
  • Understanding the nuances associated with translating a business or technical trend and its sustainability
  • Potential success of a new technology or a new participant as given the automotive constraint of cost is King
  • The supplier’s in-house technologies and what they need to complete their portfolio in a given segment
  • Provide direction for market and product development

Many innovations in the automotive industry have been grounded in either a process or a material:

  • The invention of TSOP by Toyota
  •  BMW’s strategy to produce carbon composite intensive vehicles
  • SMC and SRIM composites for exterior panels and truck beds
  • Low pressure molding
  • Core-back molding
  • Natural fiber composites
  • Foam processes
  • Casting magnesium and aluminum
  • Profile extrusion of metals and plastics
  • Steel in its numerous material types and increasingly numerous types of processing variations are pushing the envelope to be more competitive with other technologies and continue to keep their edge ….

And the road ahead is full of innovations that will for example in interiors, provide a finished part in one mold with integral foam, a decorated A- surface and other added value options to reduce cost and increase flexibility.

For the past 30 years, ITB’s directors have combined their technical understanding with a unique perspective of the business trends and provided their clients with the required knowledge leverage to succeed.

Expertise Materials Process Breakdown