Smart Cockpits

Light and Connected

There are cockpit concepts of the future which define mobility as an engineless self-driving smartphone / living room on wheels. Behind the beautiful and captivating visions are market growth assumptions which might not exceed 20%, even in ten years. Autonomy and electrification each have varieties of implementation that are progressing quite differently by OEM and by region.

How does one assess the level of change to prepare and respond? What could these changes mean to the world of instrument panels, lighting and interior passenger comfort? What is the pull towards in-mold electronics and increased display surfaces and do these inevitably represent a zero-sum game against traditional skins?

While new potential suppliers have emerged, the incumbent suppliers have ballooning R&D budgets and are increasingly preoccupied with technology scouting, incubation/acceleration and corporate ventures. Established suppliers must widen their product portfolio  and expertise in response.

This multiclient report identifies the market potential in smart cockpits, a world of plastic trim that is in the process of merging with electronics. The increasing availability of electronics in the vehicle interior forces a number of changes which include:

  • New relationships to be formed at supplier levels
  • Re-structuring of the OEMs’ internal silos
  • Creation of new categories of materials and associated suppliers

These anticipated changes led The ITB Group to bring together the traditional world of plastic molding and electronics to evaluate the potential for functional integration. Out 600+ page report explores redefinition at the component level, the level of an instrument panel and in the OEMs’ strategies to functionalize the surfaces. ITB’s research is deliverable in two formats:

  • Web-based Portal – includes the report and periodic updates concerning developments in the smart cockpit market pertaining to technologies for functionalization, styling, government regulations, new manufacturing technologies or suppliers
  • Industry-Funded Report – update of key technical, legislative and market developments together with an overview of the business dynamics of the instrument panel


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