Briefing Inquiry - Global ICE Briefing

    Four Quarterly Briefings

    Format: Secured Online PDF (four user specific licenses)

    While substantial investments are taking place towards the implementation of electric vehicles, internal combustion engines will continue to play a significant role in the automotive industry for many years. In fact, over at least the next five years, ICE-products will provide the resources for electrification investments. In 2022, Ford’s Model e division lost $2.1 billion while its ICE-related products profit was $10.0 billion.

    It will be critical for OEMs and suppliers to critically analyze their forecasted returns on invested capital as they navigate the segmented ICE/EV landscape. Both ICEs and increasingly, EVs, offer opportunities for smart suppliers and OEMs. In the short term, ICE products will dominate the opportunity landscape. In the longer-term opportunities will be predominant from electrified applications but a move towards e-fuels, albeit small, will offer additional opportunities. ITB’s new briefing aims to shed light on this changing landscape so as to help OEMs and suppliers better navigate this difficult journey. ITB’s quarterly briefings will include:

    • Extensive forecasts for ICE-type light-duty vehicles through 2035
    • Developments in fuel types by region
    • Evolving exhaust and evaporative emission regulations by region
    • Updates on political drivers to the continuing use of liquid fuel based ICEs
    • Overview of developments at key component suppliers as they navigate the ICE/EV transition

    Covered Regions Include: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, India, Japan, Mexico, Republic of Korea, and USA

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