Report Inquiry - Hydrogen Storage Tanks and Engines for Mobility

    Challenges, Opportunities, Technologies and Markets

    Publication Date: November 2024

    Format: Paper copy of the Report and four user specific licenses for use of the secured online PDF

    Hydrogen supply and on-board storage are pivotal to significant market growth of hydrogen vehicles. Appropriate on-board technologies are rapidly emerging:

    • Improved storage technologies including the potential use of thermoplastic rather than thermoset composites for Type IV and potentially, Type V storage tanks (TRL 5/6)
    • ICE and fuel cell-based approaches for hydrogen that are emission free (except for low level nitrogen oxides and residuals from engine oil combustion)

    Major market expansion continues to be required for driving down costs of hydrogen-related vehicle components. Significant market implementation will more effectively reduce costs than yet more investment in R&D. As a fuel, hydrogen offers a unique combination of properties:

    1. Potential for close to zero tailpipe emissions (zero with fuel cells)
    2. Long driving range
    3. Fast refueling capabilitiesH2TE 2024 prospectus chart-image 2 updated

    Hydrogen internal combustion engines are rapidly emerging as an alternative powertrain source for hydrogen vehicles to fuel cell stacks. Changes to the UN R49 legislation will have a profound impact on the potential use of hydrogen ICEs for the truck market. Unlike fuel cell-powered vehicles, ICE-based vehicles have more appropriate torque characteristics for load carrying vehicles. Recent ICE advances portend to hydrogen approaches having competitive or better efficiency characteristics to diesel-based engines while maintaining comparable torque and power capabilities.

    Regional collaborations and investments will continue to drive the early adoption of hydrogen for mobility markets. Examples include the U.S. hydrogen hubs, France’s hydrogen valleys, and recent initiatives in India. On the other hand, developing a hydrogen-based business can be quite demanding for OEMs and suppliers as market penetration continues to be highly unpredictable.

    The ITB Group is offering an in-depth analysis of hydrogen storage tanks and engine developments for mobility applications. The report will examine the various market drivers especially government regulations and investments in hydrogen technologies, the growing supply base for hydrogen engine and storage tank technologies.

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