Report Inquiry - Strategic Application of Fluid Control and Conveyance in E-mobility

    Technical and Business Opportunities

    Publication Date: August 2024

    Format: Two paper copies of the Report and four user specific licenses for use of the secured online PDF

    In the swiftly evolving landscape of xEV powertrains, fluid systems and control are critical for enhancing performance. Innovations are being made to reduce cost versus directly impacting energy and fuel consumption, extending range, enabling rapid charging, and improving xEV drive system power delivery. This comprehensive report assesses emerging business trends within coolant, oil, and refrigerant systems. Key focal points include:

    • Market Dynamics (2024-2034): A detailed analysis of growth rates for 30 fluid components.
    • Supplier Landscape: In-depth examination of market participation and shares for xEV application segments.
    • Business Roadmaps: Insights into fluid systems business shifts for electrified vehicles over the next decade.
    • Vehicle Benchmarking: Evaluation of fluid content for over a hundred electrified vehicles.
    • Economic Value: Assessment of the economic value associated with fluid pump, valve, and conveyance technologies for battery electric and hybrid systems.
    • Innovation: Identification of key changes in applications and the cost/technology maturity of competing solution sets.

    This research scrutinizes the strategies and tactics adopted by OEMs and suppliers to enhance fluid system value, spanning xEV applications. Fluid system integration is pivotal, offering reduced complexity and costs while enhancing design functionality. Components that have evolved quickly with electrification, such as multiway valves, pumps and fluid manifolds, are being targeted for further integration and cost reduction.

    Researched and analyzed by The ITB Group’s team, this industry-funded report provides a global perspective of state-of-the-art cost and performance for vehicle thermal fluid flow technologies across xEV applications.

    The report's dynamic approach includes the option for one year of supplemental updates, ensuring stakeholders stay informed about the latest developments in fluid flow control and conveyance, covering business dynamics, market trends, and shifts within the supply base. This equips organizations with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the competitive automotive XEV landscape.

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