Report Inquiry - Staying Competitive with Chinese Plug-in Vehicle Developments

    Battery Pack and Thermal System Technologies, Markets, and Supply Base

    Publication Date: September 2024

    Format: Two paper copies of the Report and four user specific licenses for use of the secured online PDF

    Over the past five years EV development in China has shifted from lagging to leading. Chinese OEMs, in partnership with global and Chinese component suppliers, are applying design refinements at a rapid pace. Non-Chinese OEMs and suppliers must adapt or be left behind. Rapid iterations and high volume are driving costs lower while improving battery and thermal systems performance. The key intention of this report is to show the priorities and decisions being made by Chinese companies, and how non-Chinese OEMs and suppliers can compete.

    This report will cover technology as well as market developments. For example, battery and thermal system integration may be implemented rapidly in China as the development cost can be spread across higher volume. The number of system integrators, with a wide range of solutions, has expanded rapidly. Furthermore, Chinese suppliers are expanding their footprint into Eastern Europe, Mexico, and other regions to supply both Chinese and global automakers with the latest technologies. Chinese suppliers of battery and thermal components have become global technology leaders. This report highlights risks to western markets of both Chinese OEM and supplier entry.

    Topics of this research include:

    • Market trends, projections, and market shares for key technologies.
    • Supply chain evolution in China and the rest of the world.
    • Strategies and competitiveness of OEMs, system, component, and material suppliers.
    • Changing battery pack integration for improved performance at lower cost.
    • Thermal system improvements for longer range and faster charging at lower cost.
    • Fluid control and conveyance developments and system integration.
    • Selected technology and market roadmaps in China and for Chinese companies in the rest of the world.

    he scope of this report is focused on market and technical directions for battery pack and thermal systems of plug-in electric vehicles (BEVs, EREVs and PHEVs). ITB will quantify value improvement potential and compare the cost and value of different approaches. The report will examine sources of system and component value and how it is distributed across the value chain.

    The ITB Group offers a dynamic two-pronged approach for highlighting analyses pertaining to Chinese EV and technology changes for batteries and thermal systems. Key elements of ITB’s approach include:

    Industry-Funded Report – Focus on state-of-the-art vehicle thermal systems and new developments for global markets. Supply chain analysis includes summaries of leading companies involved in thermal systems, their market positioning and areas of expertise and innovation.

    Q&A Session (optional) – A question and answer session clarifies topics within the scope of the report. Report subscribers prepare a list of questions to be answered in a single two-hour web meeting review.

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