Report Inquiry - The Next Twelve Years: Impact of Automotive Paradigm Shifts on Plastics Use

    Publication: 2023

    Format: Paper copy of the Report and four user specific licenses for use of the secured online PDF

    The ITB Group is embarking on a service that provides subscribers with a tool to keep abreast of changes in material use as vehicles become electrified and OEMs chase net-zero targets. By 2035, many OEMs have stated they will no longer offer ICE-based vehicles and these vehicles will be well on the way towards using materials that have a net-zero impact on climate change. How will this transition impact the use of plastic materials on-board the vehicle? This new endeavor from ITB will facilitate material suppliers and molders planning efforts including investment decisions, product planning and marketing plans for these massive changes.

    Using a bottoms-up, application-by-application approach, together with forecasts by powertrain-type and region, an accurate understanding of changes in materials use over the next twelve years will be developed. This knowledge will be available not only at the vehicle level, but also down to applications and regional levels. The credibility of the analysis is backed by ITB’s over 30 years of experience operating in this space. Through a trends analysis, ITB’s forecast will account for:

    • Global/regional production changes by vehicle type over the next twelve years
    • Expected moves to electrified vehicles including hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and fully electric vehicles
    • Further design changes to electrified components
    • Emergence of sustainable materials including both physcially and chemically recycled
    • Impact of changes to emission regulations such as the future Euro 7 and China 7 requirements
    • Structural changes in the supply base that may impact materials’ use

    The deliverables will be in the form of a report including charts and graphs together with example component listings from the background database. Key insights will be provided for expected materials’ use changes through 2035.

    2022 12 years report charts

    2022 12 years scope

    For questions or more information including the planned report outline, please contact Mitra O'Malley, Managing Director at

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