Report Inquiry - Transformative Vehicle Interiors

    Innovations in Electronics, AI Integration, Safety, Sustainability and Materials

    Publication Dates: March - September 2024

    Format: Paper copy and four user-specific secured online PDF licenses

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    The automotive industry has been riding a wave towards AI-driven technologies and advanced electronics. This transformation is altering the way consumers engage with their vehicles. This industry-funded report by ITB delves into this landscape, focusing on the evolution of smart interiors, sustainability considerations, cost efficiency measures, market trends, and safety aspects within the mobility sector.

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    ITB’s report offers a comprehensive, technical, and business-oriented exploration of the dynamic landscape shaping the future of vehicle interiors. It equips automakers and their supply chains with necessary insights encompassing consumer value, environmental responsibility, and cost-effectiveness.



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    The ITB Group offers a dynamic three-pronged approach for highlighting developments and analyses in automotive interiors. The key elements of ITB’s approach include:

    • Industry-Funded Report Modules - State-of-the-art vehicle interior  developments for global markets. Supply chain analysis includes summaries of leading companies involved in automotive cockpits/technologies, their market positioning and areas of expertise and innovation.
    • Supplemental Updates - One year of ongoing updates concerning developments in each module including materials, technology, market, and supply base developments.
    • Custom Consulting Projects - To be quoted separately.


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