Advanced Mobility Fuels Summit China 2024 - 2024中国交通移动燃料系统峰会




    举办时间:2024年10月30日 至10月31日

    Date: Wednesday, October 30 and Thursday, October 31, 2024

    地点:上海明捷万丽酒店 上海市普陀区铜川路50号

    Venue: Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel. NO 50 Tongchuan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, China

    形式:现场会议 - Format: In-Person

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    The transition to electrification, particularly powered by green electricity, stands as a crucial step in mitigating temperature increases and combatting climate change. However, the substantial existing global vehicle fleet poses a significant challenge. To address this, synthetic fuels and hydrogen-based systems emerge as promising solutions that can substantially contribute to minimizing the environmental impact of mobility. The upcoming ITB conference serves as an invaluable platform for participants to navigate this dynamic landscape, delving into the latest trends and technologies in fuel-based powertrains, storage, and delivery systems. Join us in exploring innovative approaches towards a more sustainable future for mobility.


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