Thermal Management for Conventional and Electrified Vehicles

One of the areas of ITB’s strengths is within the area of thermal management, an area that is continuing to be of great importance within the automotive industry for both conventional and electrified powertrains. An analysis by ITB examined approximately 80 energy saving technologies. These technologies were then charted in percent reduction in fuel consumption (CO2) vs. the 2025 OEM technology cost. The table below shows the relative value of the technologies and key hurdle rates associated with the cost of powertrain electrification. Further explanation on these technologies can be found within ITB’s recent thermal management and fluid control reports.

Technology Valuation: Conventional & Hybrid Powertrain Metric

Technology Valuation: Conventional & Hybrid Powertrain Metric

ITB publishes research reports within this area and also completes independent consulting project for companies throughout the value chain from OEMs to system and component suppliers, as well as material suppliers . If you have an interest in further discussion on how ITB can help your team with your thermal management strategy, please reach out to Sean Osborne who specializes in thermal management at ITB.

Sean Osborne

Sean Osborne, Vice President

Energy and Thermal Management

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