Transforming Your Business for New Mobility

Competing in the New Mobility Landscape: Prioritizing Opportunities and Implementing Solutions

New trends, developments, and regulations are creating auto industry structural changes that impact product planning, manufacturing processes, and material selection. Many countries and companies have announced the future elimination of ICE vehicles with sights on a greener future. Advanced connectivity, safety, energy efficiency, big data, and sustainability goals are driving major shifts in the automotive landscape.  ITB helps companies identify value spaces and ultimately develop solutions as part of a business transformation strategy.

Parsing from Value Spaces to Profitable Solutions

Parsing from Value Spaces to Profitable Solutions

Suppliers must prepare to compete differently as vehicles evolve toward greater energy use efficiencies, eliminating exhaust emissions, improving safety, and increasing connectivity amidst environmental changes. This preparation requires a thorough understanding of how new mobility megatrends affect business strategy and resulting tactics.

ITB’s multidimensional analyses help you set investment priorities based on the following factors:

  • Opportunities arising from OEM and supplier solutions developed in response to automotive market shifts
  • Identifying unmet needs as suppliers respond to the transition toward electrified, connected and autonomous vehicles
  • Parsing out innovative and profitable opportunities that drive down OEM costs
  • Preparing approaches to transform businesses for the changing automotive landscape
  • Assessing the real value of a supplier’s skills to exploit megatrends
  • Determining skills necessary to compete
  • Evaluating how proposed solutions apply to unmet needs
What We Offer

What We Offer:

The ITB Group uses its 29 years of experience helping clients develop investment plans and implement business transformations to stay competitive.  As part of our multifaceted approach, ITB uses its proprietary models and insights as well as conversations with your customers to establish priorities.  These insights help you:

  • Target marketing approaches
  • Set product development priorities
  • Identify business development initiatives
  • Establish partnerships plus M&A targets
  • Validate customer interest
  • Make targeted customer introductions

ITB’s support for transforming your business is flexible. We help companies involved in interiors, exteriors, powertrains, and materials assess and change their strategies.  Through up-front scoping conversations, we prepare the steps necessary to answer specific questions for your line of business.

Areas of Focus for Business Transformation:

areas of focus update image 10-2022

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Dr. Joel Kopinsky, Managing Director and Co-Founder

Energy Storage, M&A, and Start-Ups

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Mitra O’Malley, Managing Director and Co-Founder

Sustainability, Interiors, Exteriors, and Acoustics

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Sean Osborne, Vice President

Energy and Thermal Management

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