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Electrified Vehicle Thermal Management and Engine Air/Cooling Systems

Date: June 13 and 14, 2019
Location: The Sheraton Detroit Novi Hotel. Novi, Michigan
Summary: Innovations for thermal powertrain and passenger comfort advancements (day 1) and engine air induction systems/components, e-boosting, engine cooling and material/process developments (day 2).

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Smart Automotive Surfaces 2019

Date: October 9 and 10, 2019
Location: Laurel Manor. Livonia, Michigan
Summary: Functionalizing vehicle interior and exterior surfaces; introduction of new technologies impacting components, feature integration, materials, design, trends and developments

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Automotive Fuel Systems China 2019

Date: October 30 and 31, 2019
Location: Marriott Shanghai Parkview. Shanghai, China
Summary: Fuel system component/system designs, materials, regulations and simulation

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Automotive Energy Storage Systems 2020

Date: March 4 and 5, 2020
Location: The Sheraton Detroit Novi Hotel. Novi, Michigan
Summary: Fuel and alternative energy storage systems: technical developments and regulations

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